Chùa Linh Ẩn Đà Lạt: Tứ Linh Quan Âm kỳ vĩ nhất Việt Nam

Chùa Linh Ẩn Đà Lạt

Followed only by Trúc Lâm Zen Monastery in terms of size, Linh Ẩn Pagoda in Dalat possesses grandeur and serenity in its architecture, becoming a prominent destination for most tourists when visiting the dreamy land.

This article provides some information about Linh Ẩn Pagoda, also known as Linh Ẩn Tự, hoping to be useful for your upcoming trip!

Panorama of Linh Ẩn Pagoda
Statue of Buddha at Linh Ẩn Pagoda. Photo: pdtt1606

Where is Linh Ẩn Pagoda located?

Located on a land at an altitude of 3,000m above sea level, Linh Ẩn Pagoda is right next to the magnificent Elephant Falls, where you can feel the harmony between the solemn beauty of the temple and the pristine and tranquil mountainous landscape.

Linh Ẩn Pagoda is situated in Nam Ban town, Lâm Hà district, Lâm Đồng province. It is 27km away from Đà Lạt City, following the route from Cam Ly Falls – Ta Nung Pass – Nam Ban town.

Map for traveling to Linh Ẩn Pagoda

You can rely on Google Maps to go to Linh Ẩn Pagoda

Opening hours and ticket prices for visiting Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat

Linh Ẩn Pagoda is open for visitation from 5am, which is also the most beautiful time to visit the Pagoda as the sunrise and morning mist create the most tranquil atmosphere.

Entrance to Linh Ẩn Pagoda is free of charge, the Pagoda does not charge for tickets. So, be wary of fraudulent information about selling tickets to visit the Pagoda.

Stairs leading to Linh Ẩn Pagoda

History of the formation of Linh Ẩn Pagoda

In 1993, the pagoda was established by Venerable Thích Tâm Vị. Initially, it was just a small Buddhist Meditation Hall, with an area of about 4 hectares.

In 1999, due to the increasing number of tourists and Buddhist followers visiting the pagoda, the pagoda was expanded and renovated. Upon completion, the pagoda was named Linh Ẩn Tự and has remained so until now.

What does Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat have?

This is not just a temple for solemn worship but also the hottest tourist destination in Dalat. When visiting this place, tourists not only come to pay respects to Buddha but also to admire the magnificent view of the pagoda in the fresh and tranquil atmosphere.

Statue of Quan Âm at Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat

Statue of Quan Âm at Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat
Statue of Quan Âm at Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat. Photo: thien.vu08

Authentic Oriental architecture of Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat

The pagoda is built in the direction of “sitting on the mountain and facing the water”, surrounded by pine forests, and in front of the pagoda is the majestic Elephant Falls; it has an ancient architecture, stepping into the pagoda gate, you will feel the peace and serenity in the meditation hall.

Magnificent Main Temple

The main temple is completely covered in red tiles, leaving an impressive mark on the architecture of the pagoda with an area of 1400 m2.

Inside the main temple, there are 5 large Buddha statues meticulously and skillfully crafted, bringing a unique beauty to the entire pagoda.

The stairs leading up to the main temple have exquisite dragon sculptures, made of more than 20 meters of cement. Behind the main temple is a spacious courtyard of 7,000 m2, planted with cypress trees, purple sage, and fruit trees. Coffee trees are planted on the right side of the pagoda.

Tallest Statue of Quan Âm in Vietnam

Established as the tallest record in Vietnam, the statue of Quan Âm at Linh Ẩn Pagoda was completed in June 2019 with a height of 71m, inside the statue, there are 250 steps to climb up.

The statue is designed to sit on a large lotus, facing the main gate.

Tallest Statue of Quan Âm in Vietnam

Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat – Home to the largest statue of Di Lặc in Lâm Đồng

Behind the main temple at Linh Ẩn Pagoda is the Lâm Tì Ni garden, with many characteristic flowers of Dalat, especially the white statue of Di Lạc, which is 12.5 meters tall, 6.5 meters wide, and has a length of 9 meters. The statue is confirmed as the tallest Di Lạc statue in Lâm Đồng.

Inside the belly of the Buddha, there are 3 floors for display and gathering of the Buddhist monks.

chua linh an da lat 04 1

Garden with 500 statues of Quan Thế Âm Bồ Tát

The Holy Garden houses nearly 500 identical statues of Quan Thế Âm Bồ Tát. Each statue is 3 meters tall and placed on a stone pedestal.

Tour of Linh Ẩn Pagoda Dalat

In addition to visiting Linh Ẩn Pagoda, you can also visit the following places to add more colors to your trip.

  • Vạn Thành Flower Village
  • Mê Linh Civet Coffee, Flower Field
  • Silk-worm farming and silk weaving
  • Elephant Falls – Linh Ẩn Pagoda
  • Đà Lạt Train Station
  • Mysterious Spinning Top Pagoda

Some notes when visiting

  • It is advisable to visit the pagoda in the morning as the weather in Dalat is always better in the morning.
  • The road to the pagoda through Tà Nung Pass is quite challenging, with many twists and turns, so you need to be a skilled driver.
  • Pay attention to your attire and behave respectfully to maintain the solemnity of the pagoda.

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